Funding the Parish Council

The abilities of a parish council to raise (through the village precept on the Council Tax) and spend money is very tightly regulated, as is the manner in which members of a council must conduct themselves. The manner in which a council conducts its business is set out in a document agreed by the council from time to time known as Standing Orders. The Council prepares an annual budget and raises money (shown as part of the council tax) which it uses towards the upkeep of the village.

Stondon Parish Council pays for the Highway and Open Spaces maintenance (this is mainly grass cutting), improvement projects, benches, supporting other Village Groups and working with Central Bedfordshire Council to make our voice heard. It also makes grants to organisations that the community uses and funds the Village Plan to consult the community on what they want.

Some of the Village Groups that Stondon Parish Council has previously supported are listed below.


This support generally falls under what is called “Section 137 Powers - to spend money on anything for the benefit of residents” these are strictly controlled and this limited funding is shared among the various groups and projects identified.

Accordingly, Stondon Parish Council follows guidance contained within the NALC Legal Note 31 about use of Section 137 Powers.

The Parish Council is consulted by the Central Bedfordshire Council’s Highways department on works within the parish and nominates tasks to be undertaken. It also monitors the public footpaths.

The Council does not currently own any freehold land nor does it hold any leases.

The Village Hall is not owned and operated by the Parish Council, but through a separate body - Stondon Village Hall Committee.


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