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The Rands Educational Foundation provides Educational grants to young people under the age of 25 years who live in Holwell, Ickleford, Pirton and Stondon (both Upper and Lower Stondon).

Grants are given for secondary school pupils and pupils taking courses in further education at schools, colleges and universities. In addition grants are given to Ickleford, Pirton and Stondon Schools for books and other educational equipment as well as for educational visits.


The size of the grants is related to age:

Pirton, Ickleford & Holwell has some support for sports activities such as cricket & football clubs.

Stondon does not own any facilities and we have difficulty in applying for these grants.

The Stondon Village Hall receives some support for repairs if requested.

Grants are also available for voluntary organisations engaged in community educational activities.

They can use this form (click here) to apply.


The Foundation is managed by fifteen governors appointed by the various local authorities in the area together with representatives of other local bodies.

The representative for Stondon is Ruth Simkins.



Aims & Objectives:


  1. Payment of not more than £200 to be applied in or towards the payment of expences incurred by the minister of the ecclesiastical parish of Holwell in carrying out his duties in respect of the said parish and subject thereto furthering the religious and other charitable work of the Church of England.

  2. Governors to apply not more than three quarters of the income in either or both of the following ways:- (i) promoting the education (including social and physical training) of persons, with a preference for persons under the age of 25 years, who are in need of financial assistance and either who were born in the area of the ancient parish or civil parish of Holwell or whose parents or guardians reside in the in the said area or the parishes of Ickleford and Pirton or the locality of Lower Stondon in the County of Bedfordshire and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing (a) in awarding such persons scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants tenable at any school or other institution of further education (b) in providing financial assistance , outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books to assist such persons to pursue their education. (ii) in or towards providing such special benefits not normally provided by the L.E.A. Remaining quarter of income to be paid to the governors of the Hitchin Educational Foundation for the general purposes of that charity.


Contact: Brian J Frederick

Tel: 01767 313892
Email: brian.frederick@hotmail.co.uk.


Rand's Educational Foundation, derived under the will of John Rand, 1706. See above, 'Schools.'

Rand's Elementary Charity.—By an order of the Charity Commissioners of 5 August, 1904, made under Board of Education Act, 1899, the following items were exempted from purposes of education and continue to be applicable under the provisions of a scheme of the High Court of Chancery of 21 April, 1866:—

(a) The Rectory House at Holwell.

(b) The land and building, appropriated for the purposes of almshouses belonging to the foundation.

(c) A yearly sum of £180 out of income in the maintenance of almspeople and pensioners.

(d) A yearly sum of £40 for relief of sick and infirm poor.

(e) A yearly sum of £100 to the rector of Holwell for the performance of divine service with sermon in the church twice on every Sunday throughout the year.

(f) A yearly sum of £160 for apprenticeship premiums and rewards.

(g) A yearly sum of £10 for the benefit of the village lending library.

By the Chancery scheme above referred to the benefits of the charity were extended to Pirton, Ickleford and Lower Stondon.


 The above information was accurate at time of publication. All information provided is aimed to be without bias or agenda.


As with any Charity when applying for support/grant this may get turned down if you do meet the criteria.


For more information about the history of Rand’s, please download the following story.


The story of John Rand and his Charities (412kb)


We would like to thank Ickleford PC in the information provided in the story




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