Sheds and Greenhouses







Stondon Parish Council allows you to put up a shed and/or greenhouse on your plot provided you have their written consent.
The shed or greenhouse cannot have a concrete base and must not contain glass.
A concrete base means a cast one. You can use paving stones on a bed of sand or wodden base.

The building shall be constructed of new or perfectly sound materials.

The key thing is that the shed is not a permanent structure and it must removable.

Why you might want a shed
A shed represents an investment so you need to be sure its worth it.

A shed is useful for:

  • Keeping stuff in which makes it easier to "pop to the plot" for short visits
  • Sheltering from inclement weather which makes it worth going to the plot on marginal days
  • Fit gutters and a water butt and you can collect water (Useful when the mains supply is switched off)
  • Can provide a south facing wall to provide shelter

Central Beds Council have a scheme for buying cheap water butts & compost bins. To find out out to install gutters see the link at the end.
Generally a shed makes working the plot easier


  • Fit at least two good padlocks with good clasps
  • Replace the hinge screws with clutch screws which cannot be undone. These can be obtained from a range of suppliers
  • Write your phone number in a prominent location in the shed so a neighbour can give you a ring in case of break ins
  • If the shed is lightweight e.g. made of metal, you will have to tie it down to prevent it blowing over


You will find some useful information here.


Please contact the clerk for a copy of the Shed/Greenhouse or Polytunnel application form.