Potential Planning applications - Barrett and Bloor Homes - 305 houses

We have been advised of two potential major planning applications adjacent to or within our Parish. Both would create an even greater drain on our resources over that from Bovis’ 172 houses (some in development) and Welbeck’s successful application to add 85 houses.

Barrett Homes are proposing to build 185 houses on the field south of Henlow Camp (next to Stondon) which is just over the North Hertfordshire border. This application is in Ickleford Parish but due to the distance from Ickleford, practically it is an extension to Henlow Camp / Stondon. Barrett’s plan of what they would like to build can be downloaded here: https://www.stondon-pc.gov.uk/assets/documents/barrett-homes-pdf

Barrett Homes have setup a public consultation for the 21 June at the Baptist Church in Station Road, Lower Stondon between 4pm and 8pm to gauge public feeling on this matter.

Bloor Homes have suggested they would like to develop a site next to the Dog track behind houses on Station Road with possibly 120 or more houses. They are giving the Parish Council a brief overview and will later publish more detail on their proposal to the public. They have suggested a public consultation but have not confirmed a date.

The Parish Council are not aware of any planning applications that have been submitted to the relevant Planning Authorities yet on either of these proposals.

We always welcome members of the community to Parish Council meetings and specifically have a session at the beginning for a brief open forum; the next meeting is at 7.30pm, Wednesday 28 June, at Stondon Village Hall.