Stondon Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

Work has started on a Neighbourhood Plan for Stondon

Neighbourhood planning gives communities more control over the future of their area by giving local people the chance to have their say on what happens where they live.
The proposals are founded on the principles of localism, which means more involvement by planning authorities, local people, businesses, house builders and developers rather than central government. The neighbourhood planning process is to be led by the parish council but needs input from everyone and are looking for volunteers to help.

As part of the process we will be delivering a questionnaire to all households in Stondon.
We ask you to complete one of the above per person in your house, if possible.

If you complete the paper version please return them to a collections point as soon as possible.
The data captured will form part of our future plans for the Parish.

The reforms are outlined in the Localism Act 2011, which seeks to:

A Neighbourhood Plan

  •  Will set out a vision for an area
  •  Can establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a defined area
  •  Might specify where new homes and offices should be built and what they should look like
  •  What business development is required or sought and where
  •  How we can improve our social infrastructure
  •  How we should protect and enhance our green infrastructure for people and wildlife
  •  What resources do we need in the Village?
  •  What services should the Parish Council provide?
  •  How will Health Care, Education, Shops and services grow with the development
  •  Sets a vision for the future and can be detailed or general, depending on what local people want
  •  Will become part of Central Bedfordshires Local Plan (subject to independent examination and successful local referendum)
  •  Will become a statutory plan and be used in making decisions on planning applications
  •  Make sure developments are more beneficial to the community, for example new homes are matched by jobs and investment

Neighbourhood planning is a tool to promote sustainable growth and will not be able to prevent development in an area.
Neighbourhood plans can only include proposals for an equal (or greater) amount of growth than is set out in the local authority’s development plan.
They must also accord to national planning policy.

We have some of the items we are working on in the document store below

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Open Download Copy Link
1.34 MB9th March 2021

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Certain procedures and requirements need to be followed when undertaking neighbourhood planning.

Further information can be found in The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

Over the next few months we will be compiling a vision of how Stondon should develop over the next 15 – 20 years.

If you are interested in seeing how your community will evolve and having your say on our future, the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party please contact the Clerk.

They are also looking at hold public events in Stondon where you can find out more about this exciting opportunity to affect the future vision of our Parish.