The Parish


The parish of Stondon was established in April 1985 by the amalgamation of the former parish of Upper Stondon with the much larger village of Lower Stondon, formally within the parish of Shillington and Stondon. It is one of 79 parishes and is part of Central Bedfordshore Council.

Located on the counties southern boarder with North Hertfordshire. The parish is about 4.5 miles north of Hitchin and about 3 miles south of Shefford. The area is an agricultural one of some age, borne out by the discovery of early British coins there.



Two churches offer servicesWith All Saints at the top of the hill, Upper Stondon and the Baptist Church in Station Road.

The church of All Saints, one of the smallest in the county, is reputed to have belonged to Merton Priory in the 13th Century, but at the Dissolution there was was no mention of it in the list of Priory posses ions. The present church was rebuilt in 1857 to replace the Norman building, but it retains a Norman stone altar slab and inner door to the tower. Its registers date from 1683. It has a short chancel, much higher than the nave and a porch tower with a pyramid roof. In the church yard is an unusual grave for three little girls who fell through ice and drowned in 1880.

Stondon Baptist Church is a daughter church to Tilehouse Street in Hitchin, in Hertfordshire.

Stondon was founded jointly by the fellowships of Tilehouse Street and Shefford as a mission station to a small hamlet community. At some point the the link with Shefford was broken, and no record of when. The present building is dates back 1863.

Free Publications

Most of the village households receive the Advertiser, the Comet and the Bedfordshire on Sunday newspapers. The village households also usually receive two magazines distributed to Stondon & villages in the surrounding area, one called In and Around and the other called The Villager.

A local volunteer group used to publish the ‘Stondon Times’ but unfortunately this folded due to other commitments.
We would like to hear from a group of volunteers to rise to the challenge of putting this together again.


The village has a Lower School, which was originally built in 1861 and extended in the 1950s, 1960s and most recently in the 2000’s.

Some village children attend Derwent Lower School, which is located in Henlow Camp adjacent to RAF Henlow.

The local schools operate a three tier system, i.e. lower, middle and upper schools.

Children join a Lower School when they are 5, then transfer to a Middle School in the area at aged 9 (usually Henlow or Robert Bloomfield). Finally they will transfer to an upper School at age 13 (usually Samuel Whitbread Community College).


Lower Stondon has a small number of local amenities.

Included in the local amenities are:

  • grocery store [at the western end of Station Road]
  • hairdressers [also at the western end of Station Road]
  • Chinese restaurant [in Fakeswell Lane]
  • Mount Pleasant Golf Club

Additionally close to “Bird in the Hand” A600 roundabout are:-

  • Bird In Hand – large family pub and hotel
  • Convenience store
  • Pharmacy
  • Post Office

Henlow Camp (Outside the Parish) are:-

  • Convenience store
  • Number of takeaway food outlets
  • Antiques/bric-a-brac stores
  • Hairdressers
  • Sandwich shop

Bus Services.

Bus Services link us to Bedford, Biggleswade, Hitchin, Luton, Shefford and Henlow.

This links with good road and rail communications to across the UK.

More information on available amenities can also be found here