Play areas in the Parish

There are a small number of well equipped play areas around Stondon that offer a range of activity equipment providing unsupervised play activity.

The Stondon Recreation Association (SRA) has three sites. The Parish Council have been working with the SRA to maintain the areas. These are located in Fakeswell Lane, Stondon Park off Hillside Road and BMX track off Station Road

The SRA are a charitable organisation supported by the community and the Parish Council.

Locations around Stondon

The SRA has two sites it maintains and keeps in excellent condition. These sites are located in Fakeswell Lane and the Recreation field.

Fakeswell Lane (SG16 6JY)

This location has a number of items of play and was upgraded in 2010 by the SRA. It has  a play area for smaller children with a full range of play equipment.

Stondon Park , off Hillside Road (SG16 6LJ)

This is the largest site. It has  small football pitch plus children’s play area with a MUGA.

BMX Track (SG16 6JE)

The third site is a small BMX track off Station Road (path near no 177) which has limited opening hours.

Stondon Parish Council sites

We have now signed (June 2015) the final documents in connection with the transfer of the play areas and agreed with the contractors to start the refurbishment agreed in 2014. The following images give an simple overview of the improvements. Replacing worn out equipment and we believe improving the play areas.

Pollards Way (SG16 6NF)

The largest of the areas is at Pollards Way.

Pollards Way offers

  • Fenced off play area with a number of items of equipment for a range of ages
  • Outdoor gym equipment
  • Extensive space for older children to enjoy ball games.
  • Natural area with wet land /water zone

The following image gives an overview of the agreed changes and updates.

pollards way plan

The other change includes the addition of an outdoor gym.

Picture (double leg press) (inclusive chest press) (rower) (sit up bench) (space walker) (surfer) (pedal cycle) (Skier) (triple pull ups) (horseback rider) (pull down exerciser) (chest press) (hand and pedal cycle) (recumbent bike) (step box multi gym) (swingalong) (four wheel spinner) (agility bench) (parallel bars) (balance beam)

Orchard Way/ Lily Walk  (SG16 6NJ)

A small but well equipped play area in the centre of the Orchard Way development.

Orchard Way/ Lilly Walk
Orchard Way/ Lilly Walk

Securely fenced and reassuringly overlooked by local residents, this area is ideally suited to smaller children and their parents.

Birch Grove (SG16 6EH)

Birch Grove
Birch Grove

A small, securely fenced, play area in a quiet street, ideally suited to the toddler / pre-school age group.

Meadowsweet (SG16 6PF)

This small but localised facility, offers a combination of slide and climbing area. Please be aware that part of this site is prone to flooding and therefore parental supervision is necessary.


Inspection and maintenance

All play areas are visited to remove litter and inspect the equipment. Some “hotspot” play areas will also be visited at the to clear any litter from the site when we have been notified.

All play equipment is inspected once a year to make sure that it is safe for continued use.

If we receive reports of litter, damaged equipment, etc between the scheduled visits we will arrange for the play area to be visited again, within seven working days to review the problem.

The play areas receive an independent inspection to make sure that they meet the British and European safety standards.

Normally this is done by a ROSPA approved inspector.


Sometimes damaged play equipment can be repaired straight away.
If this is not possible then the damaged item will attempt to immobilised the item until it is possible to do the repair.

Occasionally, an item of equipment will be so badly damaged that it will cost more to repair the item than it is reasonably worth.
The equipment will therefore be removed.

To report a problem with a play area please complete email

Your report will be investigated, and work carried out as indicated from the report.

This will be recorded in the Parish Council minutes.


We have upgraded most of the equipment to enhance all four facilities.

We would welcome the input of both children and parents to ensure that we meet the needs of our residents. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to the Clerk who can be contacted via the contact form .

We look forward to you input on the information provided and ideas of what we can add.